What is needed
Email and phone number is always needed to add guardian to player and player´s group 

Who can add a guardian to a player
Only coach or someone who has admin rights can add guardians to a player

Add guardian (steps)

  1. In the menu, go to Members, and find the player you want to add the guardian to
  2. In the player box on the right there are, 3x dots. Press those and select "Add guardian"
  3. Search for guardian via SSN (Kennitala) or Email: If you search by SSN (Kennitala á íslensku), info fields about guardian will automatically be populated but you will have to add an email separately. If you search by Email, and guardian has previously been registered with that email in the sportabler system , info fields about guardian will automatically be populated. If guardian has not been registered under this email before, you will have to populate the fields for the guardian.
  4. Add guardian to player + send invite to Sportabler (if needed): If guardian is not registered in the Sportabler system the button on the bottom of the Add Guardian from should say Add guardian and send invite, this will add the guardian to the player and send an invitation to the guardian to join Sportabler. If the guardian is already a registered in the system, the button will say Add guardian (no need o invite him to the system). 
  5. Now once he has joined Sportabler, the guardian should see all his child´s events in the "my schedule" tap, be able to indicate attendence use the message system and receive notifications about events connected to his child. 

Important: In order for a guardian to become a Sportabler-user he has to finalise the registration and login to his account (with facebook or by setting a password). A Sportabler user is identifiable by a yellow sportabler sign on his profile picture. Users without the yellow sign have not finalised their registration and can not see the events related to them. 

If you experience problems, try refreshing the page. 

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