What is needed
Email and phone number is always needed to add staff to group 

Add Staff

  1. In the menu, go to Members, press the arrow and select "Add Staff"
  2. Search for staff via SSN (Kennitala) or Email: If you search by SSN (Kennitala á íslensku), some info fields about staff will automatically be populated but you will have to add an email and phone separately. If you search by Email, and staff has previously been registered with that email in the sportabler system , info fields about staff will automatically be populated. If staff has not been registered under this email before, you will have to populate all the fields for the staff.
  3. Add staff to player + send invite to Sportabler (if needed): If staff is not registered in the Sportabler system the button on the bottom of the Add Staff form should say "Add staff and send invite", this will add the staff to the group and send an invitation to the staff to join Sportabler. If the staff is already a registered in the system, the button will say "Add staff" (no need o invite him to the system). 
  4. Staff has been added: Now staff should appear in the groups list

If you experience problems, try refreshing the page. 

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