About Training Plan:
The training plan form is ideal create a training schedule that repeats itself over a longer period. It is designed with a weekly view that can reoccur to a date in the future. You can also use it to set up 1 week, without repeating the week again.

Create Training Plan (Steps)

  1. In the menu, go to Events, press the arrow and select "Create Training Plan
  2. Populate fields in form, some fields are required other can be left blank
  3. Decide start / end date of the training plan ( Default setting is 1 week only, starting from the current week, but you can change the start/end date of training plan depending of your preferences)
  4. Decide attendance marking of event (Default attending or Ask for attendance)
  5. Press create Training Plan on bottom of page
  6. Done: Now events of the training plan should appear in Event Overview of the group (flokkur) and in My Schedule of players/guardians/coaches connected to the events.   
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