Dear adidas Runners

In collaboration with adidas Brand Strategy we are collaborating with Sportabler (Icelandic startup) to streamline our communication and organisation.

Sportabler launched 1 year ago and is very popular in it´s pilot market Iceland. We are the first user group to use Sportabler outside of Iceland (Big opportunity for them). We are testing the fundamental functionality and expect to provide Sportabler feedback as early adopters. We have already had a very positive first impression. 

-adidas Runners project team in Herzo

Below are instructions how to change language settings and finalise your registration (in the next version language settings will be automated). 

To login for the first time/ Details steps:

1..You should have received an email from Sportabler, follow the link to
 accept terms,  create a password  (Check your junk/spam)

2..Download the app "Sportabler" in App Store / Play Store

3..Login using your email and password
  -Allow Push Notifications (You can modify settings later)

4..Change language settings in Mobile (from Icelandic to English).
    Go to profile->  Select Gear->  Tungumál (Language in Icelandic)
->Choose English ->Save -> All set

5..All set

6..Just In Case - Contact Customer Support if you need any assistance

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