Users can now pay for events using the Sportabler app. Payable events will be listed in the users schedule, for paid events the user must pay to confirm attendance using a credit card.

To ensure maximum security all card transactions are processed by payment acquirer, Korta. Korta‘s solutions have received the PCI-DSS security standard accreditation. Even if payments are initiated via the Sportabler app, card information is only entered in Korta‘s secure payment, . The Sportabler app or staff do not have any access to user‘s card information.

For user‘s usability Sportabler does give its users the options to store card information in Korta‘s secure store. Using this option Sportabler can process payments using user‘s card tokens. 

Sportabler offers users to store CVC code in phone, using the phone‘s secure storage locked by FaceID or fingerprint. 

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