Member = Player, Coach, Head Coach

Same process for adding member types (players and staff) you can use both kennitala (iceland) and email (iceland + internationally). 

Using Kennitala 🇮🇸Recommended for Iceland 🇮🇸 

For Iceland we recommend Kennitala , as email can cause duplicates (people may register with multiple emails). You can use both Kennitala and email for the same group. If you want to add many members at once / bulk upload, we recommend you do that through our admin system (contact customer service for that). 

  1. Go to members tab in group
  2. Select add member (player or staff) (blue arrow)
  3. Type in SSN (Social Security Number / Kennitala)
  4. System should find member/player (Sportabler is connected to Þjóðskrá Íslands)

What happens next: The member and/or his guardian is immediately connected to the group (if either of them already have Sportabler account). The member or guardian don´t have to do anything additional. 

To Remove members (players or staff) see instructions at the bottom 👇


Using Email

Example of both player and staff in video

  1. Go to members tab in group
  2. Select add member (player or staff)
  3. Type in Email (If email already registered on Sportabler, see* below)
  4. Type in name, phone (optional), add to sub-groups (at least the group ALL)
  5. Send invite to member 

*When you add a members email which is already a Sportabler user, the member does not have to be invited to Sportabler, the group is immediately displayed in his Sportabler account (you don´t have to do anything more).  

How to REMOVE a member
Select the 3 dots and remove
What happens: Member and his guardians will be removed from the group, they will not have any access to events or see the schedule.  However history (i.e. attendance) is stored in your attendance report.

Tip : Group 💬 conversations in case of removal. If a member is removed from group he (or his guardian) will not automatically be removed from group conversations created earlier in the group. In order to learn how to add/remove a member from a group conversation (Click here) .

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