Now players and guardians can respond with details!

When a coach creates any type of event, the player (and guardian) are notified and before you could only confirm attendance or absence.

With this great new addition, the player/guardian may state various things, e.g. he can let  know if he is injuried, does not have a kit, needs a ride with the bus and so on.

We have also seen it utilised for players to rate the difficulty of the drill/training they completed and for collecting various information. It's up to you to be creative!  

As soon as users responds, the coach can answer him, but the answer will be private between the one who responded and the coach.

Other staff members in the age group will be able to see the reply in the attendance list.

If player/guardian goes into the Attendance list he can only see his comment; not the response from other members of the age group.

Below you can see how it is displayed on the Attendance list on the web.

Here you can see how the comments from guardians/players will be shown in the app.

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