There are two ways to add your child to your Sportabler account.

1. Electronic authentication(only available in Iceland)

2. Add a child with code

1. Add your child to your profile with electronic authentication

This is an easy way to add your child through the app. 

Note: It only works if you have the same legal address because it is run through Þjóðskrá Íslands(Registers Iceland)

1.You go into your app and click on the profile and press the person icon like shown in the picture below. 

2.Next you enter YOUR Social security number(Kennitala) and then you will be taken to where you can use electronic authentication or íslykill to confirm. 

3.After this is done your child has been added to your profile


2. Add a child to your profile with code

The steps

1. The first step is to get the code from the coach or the club.

2. You go to or the app. If your are signed in you must start by signing out.

3. In the app you go to New user? Join group or in you go to Join with code - Click here

Note: You can change the language in both the app and on

4.The next step is to fill in the code and press continue. 

5.Then you choose I am a guardian/parent of a player. 

6.The next step is to fill out all the relevant information and then press join group as guardian

7.Now your child has been added to your profile.

If this message comes up the coach/club hasn't added your child's SSN(kennitala) in the right age group or you have been given the wrong code. Please contact the coach/club if this error comes up