It is good to keep in mind that organisations can have more than one account

To connect to Abler Pay, you need to connect your account (s) to your business.

Step 1 - Fill out the form

Account information, information about the representative or account holders is required in the case of an individual account. Information on where to send electronic settlement, etc. We have created a Form as an Excel Template that is easy to work with.

Download form

Step 2 - Send us a form + attachments.

Accompanying documents

Photo ID (e.g. driver's license / passport)

Proof of confirmation (not required for accounts owned by an individual). 

See more examples of confirmation of the power of attorney below.

Then send us attachments and the excel template to and it's no worse to cc-a the person you've been in contact with at Sportabler. We then prepare the framework agreement for this service in collaboration with Korta and link the account (s) as appropriate.

Proxy confirmation (explanation)

Confirmation of a power of attorney is required if the company's ID number is invoiced and the holder of the power of attorney has another ID number. Below are 2 examples of verification - one of which is sufficient.

Option 1: Confirmation from a bank by e-mail: It is sufficient for us to receive an email confirmation from the bank where the ID number of the proxy holder and account information are mentioned and the bank confirms that the person in question has a power of attorney for the account or accounts to be linked. This is a very simple email, see example below.

"Dear bank,

Please confirm that Jón Sigurðsson ID: 170644-2339 has a power of attorney

accounts: 513-26-170644 Id: 90208-56236, 513-26-2006 Id: 90208-56236


Option 2: Confirmation that the person signing the contract is a board member: The following documents were considered sufficient for this purpose. E.g. Minutes of the Annual General Meeting, other minutes confirming the Board, Articles of Association, or other confirmation of the Board.

If you have any questions feel free to stay in touch.

We are constantly trying to improve your user experience, this process is the first step in offering payments in Sportabler.