Now you are ready to invite you members (players, guardians).  

This video describes the process - Only in Iceland

Steps (from video)

Copy this text  or writer you own, Remember to insert your groups code instead of XXXXX (see below for group code).  

Send invite to members: Post your text (with correct code) in Facebook/Whatsapp/Email (whatever you are using).

Follow up on how users connect (Here you can see who has connected). 

Bonus: Players and/or their connected Guardians that have used Sportabler before do not have to do anything. Your group will immediately be added to their profile next time they refresh. This also happens if players are moved between groups at the end of a season, next time they or their guardians refresh everything is updated and they don´t have to do anything. 

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - STOP putting the schedule on Facebook/Whatsapp ❗or whatever medium you were using before. Keep servicing the old medium will be confusing for users and be double work for you. What Helps is putting in announcements such as "Schedule is now on Sportabler", "I have updated the teams on Sportabler". This will drive adoption and we promise, make communication for everyone much more efficient ?

Group Code

Is under the general tab