1. The first step is to go to the club's website www.sportabler.com/shop/"nameoftheclub". In this example, the Sportabler club is used www.sportabler.com/shop/abler.

  2. Next step is to log in in the top right corner "Login to Sportabler". In the globe, you can select a language. Note: You can also do this if you go to SHOP in the Sportabler app.

3. If you already have Sportabler access, use it to log in. If you do not have Sportabler access, select new user in the bottom right corner. NOTE it is important that you log in as yourself and not as your child.

4. If new user is selected, you will need to enter your email and SSN(kennitala). IF you do not have a SSN(kennitala), please contact the club. Next you will receive a confirmation email and follow the process, select a password and you will have access. NOTE Confirmation emails could end up in spam, junk or trash in the email.

5. If you do not receive a confirmation email or an error message occurs, then please contact the Sportabler customer service center where all issues will be resolved. (The golden balloon in the bottom right corner at sportabler.com)

6. When everything is ready you login. When you log in, you will be asked to identify yourself with electronic authentication or íslykill. If you don´t have either contact the Sportabler customer service.

7. When you complete the authentication, you go directly to the online store and can buy the services that are available. NOTE this process of electronic authentication is only once. At the top left you will see yourself and your children and in the upper right corner you will see an overview of the accounts and subscriptions you have purchased.

8. The next step is to find the services you want to buy for yourself or your child. It is possible to use municipality grants, payment distribution and sibling discounts or other forms of discounts in the purchase process, but it is in the hands of the company whether such options are offered.

In this example below, I am going to buy Autumn training fees in the men's 4th division in handball from the Sportabler club for Hlynur Kári and click on buy.


In this case, the use of municipality grants, sibling discounts and payment distribution is offered. (See image below).

Step 1 - Choose which person you are buying the service for.

Step 2 - In this case, Hlynur Kári is entitled to a 10% sibling discount as his sister bought training fees from the same club. If the club you shop with is waiting for a sibling discount, it will enter step 2 in the purchase process, if no discount is available, this step will not occur.

Step 3 - In this step you choose whether you want to use the municipality grant or not. In this example, I check Yes to be able to use the grant. NOTE this option does not appear if the service for sale does not offer a municipality grant.

Step 4 - In step 4 you will see how much municipality grant your child is entitled to and in the line below you will choose the amount you want to spend. In this example, I have ISK 54,000 in municipality grants, but I choose to spend ISK 10,000 of that amount.

Step 5 - Here the Sportabler company offers payment distribution. I choose to spread the payments over 4 months in this example.

Step 6 - Here you fill in the card information. You can use a credit or debit card.

On the right side of the purchase process is a receipt that shows how the amount is calculated after the use of municipality grants, sibling discounts and payment distribution.

Final step - You click on complete payment and then your purchase should be completed and a receipt for the purchase will be sent to your e-mail. You can also see receipts for invoices in the top right corner of the page.

In this example, Hlynur Kári goes straight into the 4th division handball at the Sportabler club. In the case of a new registration, we recommend that you download the app and log in to be able to follow the program and communicate with the coach. If you had access before, the program will automatically appear in the app.