Note: This is for organisations that are using the Icelandic based social security system (basically all organisations outside of Iceland).

Thanks for choosing Sportabler (in Iceland)

The below steps you can complete on your own however we can assist you with it (this is not necessary but can save you time in setting up your organisation)

1. Players in excel template: Please send us your rooster in the attached excel -> player´s names and their SSN (kennitala). We will preload all the names and have everything set up. You can add/remove players afterward, but this usually saves time in the beginning.

2.Coaches info: We also need Social Security Number (kennitala), email and phone for all the coaches, can you please prepare that list also.

3.Send us the info: When the excel template is complete please send us the template along with your phone number to or to the person you have been in contact with.  Once we have finalised 1-3 we have a short phone-call and go over the rest.

 Excel template