Now it's time for the second wave or the third wave of Covid or whatever it's called? We prefer to call it the second wave, a concept that many people are familiar with from the sports.

The wave started earlier in the capital area and the clubs there have had to deal with it longer than in the countryside.

A team is another concept that players learn through vigorous sports activities, but a team can be defined as a group with a common dream / goal that is ready to do whatever it takes to achieve that goal. This is a good thing these days - we need all Icelanders to show a strong and powerful team in this epidemic.

We have added important features to Sportabler's management vision of being able to export documents with age groups or entire clubs that can be handed over to the government if needed.

It has already proven its value when an infection broke out at a club and being able to download this list with all the necessary information and deliver it to the infection tracking team in a matter of second made all the work much easier.

In the first wave around spring, it was great to see the ambition and diligence of coaches and players when sports were not allowed. The usage of Sportabler broke all records, used for homework, challenges, goal setting and more  went back and forth between coaches and players.

When the work started again, the clubs were quick to reorganize the work and reach everyone, but the average user goes into the app almost twice a day and it was seen well last month when clubs had to divide the age groups, cancel events and unfortunately, inform the government about infections and help them trace it.

Now the resilience of all of us is being tested. In sports, you do not give up under any circumstances  - the virus has the upper hand in the game at the moment, but if everyone gets together, great things can be accomplished.