Here you can manage admin and payment rights to your staff

You can provide members with staff on a division level

  • Admin rights + Payment rights: This is usually for management and those who need an overview of all the organisations operations including payment rights. This combination grants you access to all the information and capabilities. 
  • Payment rights only: This is usually for coaches, staff, that are only using the Abler Pay solution, i.e. collecting fees for a specific tournament via Abler Pay solution). 
  • Admin right only: This might be a head coach of a specific sport that has to get the overview of the operations of all memberships, events, resources etc. but should not be able to see things related to payment. 

In order to be able to provide admin and payment rights you first need to create the staff/person in you system. You can seach for the person within the clubs database or you can add it (see: Add Coach).

Here is what you do

1. In the Admin View: Click you profile picture / profile avatar and choose "manage user org"

2. Then you are at the Organisations Admin Table (you can see who has which right). From there you click add/edit (upper right)

3. Type in the email or search by name, then you can add choose from the 3 posibilites obove and you choose that on a division level. I.e provide a head coach admin and payment rights for 1x division (i.e. men´s division / football) but no rights for another division (women´s / handball)